The Life And Influence Of Alexander Hamilton On America

Alexander Hamilton was born on St. Croix. His mother couldn’t really support his family because of the fact that his father had left. Hamilton was forced to work at a mercantile company when he was only 10 years old. A hurricane in Caribbean was described by him in a letter, and this got his attention. He was then sent to New York’s school for further education in 1772. 124). General Washington quickly promoted him from lieutenant to colonel. In 1780 he wed Elizabeth Schuyler. She was from an affluent family. He eventually became a successful lawyer.

Over the course of 20 years, he “promoted the vision of America in which government, people,and finances were united into a trinity that was secular” (Ripper 2008. pg. 124). He supported the Constitutional Convention because he believed that more federalism was needed. He didn’t have a major role at the Constitutional Convention, but he wrote the best essays for the Constitution with James Madison and John Jay. This helped to ensure that it was ratified. Along with helping to establish the Bank of New York, he became Secretary of Treasury. He was an advocate of large-scale manufacturing, banking, as well as trading. He convinced President Washington to create the “Bank of the United States”, to assume all the state and federal debts resulting from the War of Independence in 1790, to have close relations and a weaker relationship with France, to impose an excise on liquor of 7c per gallon, to expand presidential powers (Ripper 2008). 125).

Hamilton’s policies benefited the majority of middle states as well as New England. Not the South. Hamilton’s liquor excise tax led many in the West and New England to believe that Jefferson had it right when he said the Federal Government was too powerful.

Hamilton and the governor of Virginia sent a militia to stop the rebellion. Hamilton and Virginia Governor with a Militia to Stop the Rebellion. Hamilton believed “martial displays of force were exactly what the Federal Government needed” 127). Jefferson and Hamilton agreed to move the capital permanently to the Potomac River as “as a trade for Hamilton’s request of having the government accept the public debt”. 128). Hamilton returned to law practice in 1795 after leaving Washington. Hamilton fought in a fight with Aaron Burr for a dispute on July 11, 1800. Hamilton was fatally shot that day. Hamilton was not the most talented politician, but his influence on the finances of a newly independent country is undeniable.


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