Andrew Carnegie: A Robber Baron Or A Captain Of Industry

Did you know that Andrew Carnegie was the third-most wealthy industrialist of the Guilded Age era? It wasn’t easy to be wealthy. A robberbaron is someone who becomes rich through his ruthlessness, and unjust business practices. A captain or industry is a leader in business whose personal fortune has been a positive contribution to the country. Andrew Carnegie is a criminal baron and a chief of industry. He spent the money on over 2,000 libraries. However, he did not use the workers’ money.

Andrew Carnegie is a criminal baron. Although he did give back to his country, he used the income of his workers. To help his country, he had decreased their wages. In the Workingmans Prayer for Mass, it says “Oh master,” which shows how workers have noticed that he spends their money to cover not paying workers what they worked for. He not only took from his workers’ income but also was being hypocritical, preaching to laborers to unionize their jobs and protecting their jobs. He also took money from their paychecks and extended their working hours. American Experience: Biography says that Carnegie was an unusual industrial captain because he supported the right of workers to unionize and to preserve their jobs. Carnegie’s actions weren’t always consistent with his rhetoric. Carnegie’s workers in steel were often pressured to work long hours, and receive low wages. This is how Carnegie was hypocritical. While he encourages workers to defend their jobs and stand up for what they believe, he doesn’t practice what he preaches. Andrew Carnegie is a bank robber baron. This is because he stole workers’ income in order to make his own image better. Instead of giving money towards charities, Carnegie built libraries and was known as the “palace of peaceful”. American Experience: Biography states that he spent a lot of his wealth on the establishment of over 2,500 libraries, as well as supporting higher education institutions. This is a clear indication of how he wanted others to benefit from his generosity, helping to build libraries and provide opportunities for them to learn. Andrew Carnegie also supported libraries in English-speaking countries. His life was dedicated to charitable activities, giving back to the general public. The article Today in History-Primary Source Quote and Secondary Source states that Carnegie founded 2,509 libraries in English-speaking nations, including one in Michigan, New York City, Ohio, Vermont, Vermont, Washington D.C. He also helped to found Carnegie Mellon University and established trusts.” This is how Carnegie believed that all the wealth he had saved should be used for education. This document shows how he used his fortune to build libraries and then use it to start a university called Pittsburgh State University. Andrew Carnegie is a leader in industry, as he used his retirement savings and his accumulated wealth for many good causes. He also gave them these institutions so they could get their education. He was a leader in industry because he helped others.

Andrew Carnegie is a robberbaron but also a captain for Industry. The public could not go out and obtain their education right now. However, he had accumulated the wealth to fund them by cutting his workers wages while taking out of their paychecks. His workers distrusted him and he created trusts in order to help create Carnegie Mellon University. Andrew Carnegie is a hypocrite and doesn’t live up to his promises. To not pay his workers for their work, he extended the hours of his workers. He increased their work hours to get more from their earnings. Andrew Carnegie wanted everyone to believe he was good, but his methods of accumulating wealth were ruthless. Andrew Carnegie had achieved some good results with his wealth, such as giving public education to those who couldn’t afford it. However, he was unfair to his workers and lowered their wages in order to increase his own. He wanted to conceal the injustices he did his workers and give back more to them in return. This would make it harder for others to see his ruthlessness in his work.

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